What is the GAPS™ Protocol?

The GAPS™ Protocol consists of:

It requires a lifestyle change; eating nutritious foods devoid of toxic substances.

How Do I Use the GAPS™ Protocol?

The GAPS™ Protocol can be implemented by using the book for instructions. If needed, a consultation with a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner can help tailor the program to your individual needs. GAPS™ Practitioners are trained by Dr. Campbell-McBride.

Mary Walkes, RN, MSN, CGP, is a certified GAPS™ Practitioner. Holistic health has always been her passion as a nurse. She has incorporated holistic concepts when teaching natural childbirth and breastfeeding classes, conducting numerous home physical assessments, and promoting nutrient-dense traditional food as a college instructor.

She credits the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) as the most trusted source of information available on health and nutrition. Mary is a co-leader of the Yankton WAPF Chapter; promoting traditional nutrient-dense food.

The GAPS™ Protocol is a key component to healing and attaining optimum health. Each of us could benefit from its simple wisdom!

To schedule a consultation with Mary:

Phone: 605-661-6726

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