Christmas and Sauerkraut!

This year I am honored to be hosting my in-laws on Christmas Day. One of the treats I will serve is an old family recipe – Sauerkraut Salad.

Years ago, as a newly-wed, sauerkraut salad was my usual assignment; something I could not ruin. I remember holding my nose while opening a can of Frank’s kraut, dumping it in with other ingredients which I believed could never reform this conglomeration into something edible. (I never touched it, so I never knew.)

Today, in the 7th year of my Weston A. Price nutrient-dense-food-journey, I relish making this salad – with appropriate modifications., of course!

Instead of “2 cups of sauerkraut” (Franks in a can because it was at the local store and cheap), I lavishly share 2 cups of our very own raw, Pickl-it sauerkraut that as been brewing in our cold room since August.

The recipe, in my mother-in-law’s distinctive, beautiful cursive handwriting, calls for “draining” the sauerkraut. Gasp! Discard all of those enzymes, vitamins and minerals? Instead it was substituted it for some of the apple cider vinegar. The vinegar, which is raw, organic, and unfiltered instead of the imposter I used to pick up in a plastic jug.

The two cups of celery are from the organic section of the grocery store. Next year it will have some of mine; but this year my 2013 stash is defunct. (Thank you Cheryl Peterson Halsey for giving me a perennial lovage bush that passes as a celery plant!)

The “medium onion, chopped” is fresh from my garden. Pimento is from the freezer, also a garden item.

A half cup of raw honey is substituted for the “cup of sugar” – organic, without any high fructose corn syrup. The oil is organic olive oil purchased from a trusted source, NOT rancid soybean oil laden with pesticides.

This is a Weston A. Price approved recipe AND it is GAPS friendly as well.

Bon Appetite’!

…..Wonder what my in-laws will think….