Yankton GAPS 4/11/12

Today we discussed GAPS related issues such as:
1) Low fat diets and fat soluble vitamin deficiencies; we NEED good fats. Fat does not make us fat! Our bodies crave more when we are undernourished.
2) Fiber is not everyone’s friend. In fact, it is a FOE for people with diarrhea! It irritates the fragile tissue in the inflamed GI tract!
3) Tight junctions are amazing! Healthy ones keep our gut wall intact, unhealthy ones allow toxins and undigested foods to penetrate, overloading our immune system. Broth helps to make the tight junctions function at a high level.
4) Transitional flora is in the lumen of the bowel; it needs to be reintroduced regularly. through fermented foods and or probiotics.
5) The typical GAPS scenario, personal variations discussed regarding the symptoms and onset.

Samples: ginger carrots, vegetable medley, kombucha, sauerkraut, fermented winter onions, and water kefir.

The next Yankton meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 25th at 10 am in the Rupiper Travel building, 317 Broadway.

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