Second GAPS Meeting Notes

Our second GAPS meeting was held on Feb. 7th at 5 PM.

Tasting Samples: Homemade sauerkraut, beef broth, and fermented vegetable medley juice!

GAPS DVD – Broth making

GAPS Information

Much of our immune function is centered in the “gut.”

The majority of our neurotransmitters are produced in the gut. These neurotransmitters determine how we view our world. The right neurotransmitters help us to feel joy and happiness.

If we do not have enough of them, the information from our senses, such as taste and smell might be altered. This affects our ability to appreciate food. Autistic children have altered ability to appreciate food. Because of this, they tend to be picky eaters. When their system heals, they can become ravenous eaters of healthy food. A marvelous transformation to behold!

Our next meeting will be held in March; the date to be determined.

All are welcome to attend. Children are considered honored guests. Bring a friend!

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